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Mission Statement

Clutch City Crawfish was a business born out of necessity. We looked around at the state of Houston’s crawfish scene and we didn’t like what we saw. There were too many average boils with outrageous price tags. So, we decided to take a stand. Born in Texas but with a Cajun heartbeat, Clutch City Crawfish seeks to combine the traditions of Louisiana with the innovative flavors of the country’s most diverse city, Houston, TX. In addition to great food, we also wanted to make our services available to all budgets. 

Our Flavor

This has been a labor of love 20 years in the making. Our base boil starts with classic Cajun flavors. We add citrus and spice to have a nice balance that will satisfy the average palate. After cooking our crawfish, we turn off our heat and shock our crawfish to force all those wonderful flavors into the crawfish’s cavity. And after an appropriate soak time, we serve them hot and fresh. We pride ourselves in juicy heads and spicy tails. Make no mistake, we will never say that our recipe, or our methods have been perfected. At Clutch City, we believe in evolution. As our and our client’s palates evolve, so will our flavors. If methods and equipment are developed that we believe will improve our product, then we will be investing in them. One thing that will never change is our commitment to quality and flavor. We use premium spices and produce to create our flavors. Our crawfish soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and we will NEVER use a pre-cooked product. Always live, clean, and premium Louisiana crawfish. But some Texans like a little Lagniappe with their crawfish, and we support that. So, we are continuously developing new “flavor boosters”!

Flavor Boosters

We have noticed a shift in how people eat their crawfish. There are still the traditionalists who love their crawfish with all the flavor locked into those bright red and steamy shells. And we love it that way too. However, it has become increasingly popular to add a little extra (or Lagniappe as the Cajuns call it) to your crawfish. The Vietnamese craze hit Houston hard, and it’s even making its way east towards the Big Easy. Cajun flavors and Vietnamese flavors aren’t that different after all. Both territories were French colonies at some point in history, and their similarities can be seen. So, we decided to dig a little deeper. What other countries and spice palates were once French influenced? To no surprise, the outcome was vast, and the flavors limitless. This research led us to the development of our “Flavor Boosters”! 

It starts with the OG, our CC’s Sauce! This is a classic Cajun spice blend with a French twist. It’s guaranteed to add a spicy and flavorful compliment to our already flavorful soaked crawfish. Next is our Vietnamese blend. Notes of anise, extra garlic, lemon grass, lime juice, and array of additional herbs and spices expertly blended to make your taste buds dance in delight. Think Pho inside a crawfish! 

In addition to these two popular flavors, we are developing Moroccan, Jamaican Jerk, Thai, and Middle Eastern flavor boosters. Chimmichurri crawfish anyone? Well we don’t see why not! All our flavors will be available at our weekly pop-ups. You might just fall in love with one or all of them.  


As we mentioned in our mission statement, we want to bring our amazing crawfish to all budgets and appetites large and small. Clutch City Crawfish offers an array of catering services for your business or home boil. We are just as happy catering your 30 person birthday party as we are cooking for your businesses 200 person employee appreciation party. We come directly to your home, business, or designated location and serve our crawfish hot and fresh out of the pot. If it is not feasible to come on site, we also offer pre-packaged crawfish ready to be picked up moments before your event starts. Our prices are completely customizable and there is not a “one size fits most” model. Every party is different, and we want to stay flexible for you. Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties…Client or Employee Appreciation, Charity Fundraiser, or even Alumni Events…the possibilities are endless, and Clutch City Crawfish wants to be there to make your event a smash hit! Book your event today!