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Why Should I use a Caterer for my Crawfish Boil?

There are many reasons to use a caterer for your next crawfish boil. The first one we like to give is let us do the work so that you can enjoy your party. Here are some other great reasons why:

Reasons to hire outside vendors:

1. Experts in our Field: This is our passion and we've dedicated years to getting crawfish just right and hosting a flawless boil. 

2. Quality Procuring the product can be a challenge. Because we deal with crawfish every day, we have vendors lined up that we trust to get us premium product, on time, and alive. We've heard so many horror stories about clients receiving small, or even dead crawfish from vendors. This will immediately ruin your boil. 

3. Waste vs Want This should probably be number 1! The last thing you want to do is order too many, or not enough! Over ordering can cause unnecessary costs, turning a successful event into a failed one. Same goes for not ordering enough. If you run out, you may alienate guests from future events. While ordering the exact number isn't a perfect science, we know crawfish eaters and we have thoughtfully calculated systems to ensure we order the correct amount for any event. 

4. Equipped When problems arise, we know what to do. Problems will happen, and we've been through all sorts, but we are prepared for them. Issues that you may not prepare for could hamper the success of your boil. While your kitchen may be well equipped for your menu, it may not be ready to host a boil for a lot of people. And this equipment isn't cheap. You may spend hundreds of dollars on crawfish equipment that you may only use once a year. Why not use ours.  

7. Consistency There is a science to boiling crawfish for the masses. While most home boilers are boiling maybe a hundred pounds of crawfish, Clutch City Crawfish boils thousands! I'm sure you've been to a boil where each batch gets a little better, little spicier each time. While this is great for a small group, this isn't ideal for a large gathering of customers. You want the first batch to taste just as good as the last. Consistency is our goal, as is your's I'm sure, and we want the first guest to get the same great experience as our last. We've mastered this science, so let our expertise do that for you. 

8. Supporting Local and Small Business At the end of the day we are all looking to grow. By hiring a vendor like Clutch City Crawfish you are supporting a Texan owned and operated business as well as many other small businesses that we support.